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Mon Jan 11 16:22:05 UTC 2010

Johnneylee Rollins wrote:
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>>        If I said that it is in error. WinXP is in /dev/sda1 and
>> Ubuntu 9.04 is in the /dev/sda3 partitions.
>>        And I can mount the ntfs file systems now with no problems.
> You mentioned that there was a usb device involved. You said, "you
> have a hard drive in a small case with a lot of files on an ext3 file
> system that is accessed via a USB port." I was thinking that you were
> using that as what I call a "Storage drive". If this is the case I
> think you should move the data off of the device, which may be called
> a backup, then you should format the device to a file system type that
> can be read and written to through the operating systems you use.
> The only real criteria I'd use to choose the file system types are
> read/write compatibility and look at the shortcomings of the file
> system type.
> I'd suggest fat32 for windows, mac and linux. The main shortcoming is
> that fat32 cannot handle a file over 4Gb. If that's a problem, and you
> either don't use mac software or know how to write to a ntfs partition
> with mac, I'd choose ntfs.
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	Normal use of the portable hard drive is backup of this 
computer using rsync. For this I use ext3. But, I discovered 
that if I have a ext3 partition and a ntfs partition the darn 
thing looks at this as two hard drives, one ext3 and the other 
ntsf. Really blew me off!

73 Karl


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