regression from 9.04. wireless sometimes not recovering after suspend.

Nickolai Toupikov nickolai.toupikov at
Mon Jan 11 14:18:52 UTC 2010

I have an annoying issue. Sometimes after RAM or Disk suspend wireless 
does not come back up. log messages say "mac is in deep sleep", which is 
um... enlightening...

The problem came up after the 9.10 upgrade.

It is not a Network manager issue since wicd does the same. I tried 
downgrading microcodes with no result.

I have already filed a bug report, which is successfully gathering dust 
on launchpad, so i guess im pretty much on my own here. so only one 
question : is

could anyone else give me a hint to how to check WHAT has been changed 
during the upgrade?  like a detailed specification or something?



PS: link to bug report

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