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Pastor JW pastor_jw at
Mon Jan 11 04:12:51 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 06 January 2010 11:20:47 am Vadkan Jozsef wrote:
> How can I get the MAC address of a computer, if it isn't in the same
> network segment?

Every Network's Hardware Part has a unique ID number that is assigned by the 
manufacturer. It is Called MAC number.  However, I really think you are 
looking for an IP number rather than a MAC number.  A MAC number looks like 
this 00-02-E3-46-E4-55 while an IP address looks like and is how 
you would connect to a local public provider.  if that is the number you are 
after then "resolve" the "" address and it will give you 
it.  for the MAC address run "# ifconfig" and it will give you those of the 
local machine.  Each of your network cards has a different MAC number 
assigned by its manufacturer.

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