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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Jan 10 23:00:32 UTC 2010

Alex Janssen wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> 	Consider this: you have a hard drive in a small case with a 
>> lot of files on an ext3 file system that is accessed via a USB 
>> port. You plug the USB into a Ubuntu 9.04 computer and a panel 
>> comes up showing all the files. You plug the USB into WinXP it 
>> shows up in My Computer but shows no files.
>> 	So you take the files to the Ubuntu but there is no way to 
>> put them in the /dev/sda5 partition. I tried sudo cp -a * 
>> /dev/sda5 and it errors out.
>> 	Then I tried to mount the /dev/sda5 at /mnt but that fails 
>> too. The call I tried was $ sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda5 /mnt 
>> and changed vfat to ntsf and several others and just got an 
>> error message.
>> 	What I would like to do is copy the files on the little hard 
>> drive to the computer which has WinXP and Ubuntu 9.04 in the 
>> /dev/sda5 partition.
>> 	Does anyone have an idea how to start?
>> 73 Karl
> One more point on this ...
> When you plug the USB drive into the Ubuntu machine it should auto-mount 
> on /media/disk or media/name where name=the volume label of the usb 
> drive.  The file browser started up showing you the mounted file system 
> as that is the default action.  That action can be changed via the 
> preference settings, from the menu Edit->Preferences in Nautilus.
> cp -auv /media/name ~
>   should create the directory name in your home directory with all your 
> files in it.
> Windows cannot read an ext3 file system, so as Chris said install a 
> special program to read from within Windows, namely ext2IFS1_11.exe.
> Alex

	I want to put the files on a good ntsf file system on the 50 
GB partition /dev/sda5. At this time I doubt the goodness of 
the file system I made with the 9.04 LiveCD.

	I read the manpage mkfs.vfat and it says in 4 different ways 
that a Linux made windows file system will never boot.

	So I think my problem is the quality of my file systems, and 
that is why mount upchucks when I try to mount it.

73 Karl


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