Odd behavior when using (not drinking!) WINE

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at gmx.at
Sun Jan 10 20:34:48 UTC 2010

Art Spencer schrieb:
> I have Ubuntu 9.10 and XP in a dual boot configuration, and would like
> to switch to Ubuntu exclusively when I can.  Right now, I have Hardwood
> Solitaire III (my wife can't live without it) installed using Wine, and it
> works but. . .
here is a list of solitaire games available in ubuntu:
you can use synaptic or the software center / add-remove programms to 
install them:

#apt-cache search solitaire
aisleriot - Solitaire card games
gnome-mahjongg - Mahjongg tile solitaire game
gnome-games - Spiele für den GNOME Benutzeroberfläche
kmahjongg - Mahjongg solitaire game for KDE
kpat - solitaire card games for KDE
kshisen - Shisen-Sho solitaire game for KDE
console-freecell - console version of freecell game
libgames-cards-perl - Perl module for writing and playing card games
peg-e - peg elimination solitaire game
pegsolitaire - An education game similar to Hi-Q
sgt-puzzles - Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 1-player 
puzzle games
vdr-plugin-solitaire - Plugin to vdr that implements the card game 
ace-of-penguins - Solitär-Spiele im Pinguin-Look
jester - Brettspiel, ähnlich Othello
junior-games-card - Debian Jr. Kartenspiele
mah-jong - Das ursprüngliche Mah-Jong-Spiel
vgacardgames - Vier SVGAlib-Kartenspiele
xmahjongg - Solitairespiel mit Spielsteinen

some results are in german you can use the
apt-cache search solitaire
command in a terminal to get the results in your language.

Sorry about not helping with wine.

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