Debian vs NetBSD.

Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Sun Jan 10 13:16:54 UTC 2010


On 10/01/2010 13:23, Odd wrote:
> Gilles Gravier wrote:
>> Of course, now, Ubuntu doesn't offer support for SPARC anymore, so you
>> have to consider Debian Linux (or NetBSD, if you want something slimmer
>> and higher performance).
> Source please. Only examples I can find state "BSD performance better"
> without any underlying benchmarks backing it up.

Not sure where the latest numbers are, but NetBSD has had several
performance records, inlucind the fastest internet speed record :

This is old, and NetBSD has gotten faster (as you point out yourself
that they had performance increases).

System requirements are low : The minimal configuration for a
NetBSD/i386 system requires 4M of RAM and about 40M of disk space. For a
full installation (including source and X11), at least 8M of RAM and
200M of disk space are recommended.

It's directly available in ISO CD image on over 30 different hardware
architectures (I don't know if other OSes beat that).

It's not the simplest OS to use (in particular because by default it
boots in text mode and you THEN have to install GNOME... :)

But if you want raw performance on smaller hardware... that's what you want.

If you want the full comfort of Windows without the hassle of bugs,
hands, viruses, and Microsoft, then you go for Ubuntu.


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