Huawei EC1260 Modem on ubuntu 9.10

p.echols at p.echols at
Fri Jan 8 23:45:08 UTC 2010

----- "Yagnesh Desai" <yndesai at> wrote:

> Thanks Patton;
> I am using 8.04 and tried dmesg
> but it did not detect the modem.
> I tried 9.04 liveCD and its working I
> have decided to use 9.04 since I found
> out there people are complaining about 9.10
> and this modem.

Fair enough.  But at some point you will want to upgrade past 9.04.  It might make sense to try to figure it out now, particularly if there is a bug you can help solve.

> Following is the output of  dmesg from 9.04 output for
> the record.

Did you do this on 9.10?  What happened?


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