Question for Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10, from Ubuntu 9.04

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Fri Jan 8 13:37:27 UTC 2010

Goh Lip wrote:

> On 01/08/2010 01:54 AM, Jay Mistry wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for the reply. Since I have a lot of other apps that are
> > working well in Ub 9.04 (Chromium, OpenOffice 3.1.1, Ubuntu Tweak,
> > many others - these are working ok with Ub 9.04), will they work
> > properly with Ub 9.10 ? Or will I need to update each additional
> > application with the Ub 9.10 version by adding the sources manually,
> > etc ?
> Yes, you will need to install again these apps. Some, like OO is part
> of the new install. There are some ways to help in easing these 
> installations without needing to download again the same apps (like 
> apt-cdrom add) and there are some ways to save and reuse these config 
> files (like .chromium, .mozilla, .thunderbird etc; they are usually
> at ~/home, but watch out for double entries) so you don't have to 
> reconfigure and keep old emails, etc; but that would be a separate
> subject.

He should have no need to reinstall anything.[0]

The Ubuntu Upgrade is basically a bulk 'apt-get upgrade'. You tell
apt-get (or aptitude, let's assume they're synonymous here) to check
the repositories and for any software where there is a newer version
online than locally installed, download and install it.

In setting the sources to look for Karmic rather than Jaunty repos, by
default *everything* in the repository is newer, so everything that
exists on both the local PC and the repository is downloaded and the
new version installed. The small exception is that some packages are
marked for removal, they are those rendered by obsolete (when an
application stops using one library and starts using another, the
former might no longer be used by anyone else, and will be marked for
removal), but these can be kept back or marked to be kept.

Software on the PC for which there are no upgrades in the repository is
left untouched. If it was installed from a .deb file via dpkg it should
be fine, and if it was built from source or installed any other way, it
should generally reside in /opt where it will be left well alone by
apt-get. Built software that's installed into the rest of the hierarchy
is apparently unpredictably affected by dist-upgrades, though I've
never had cause to find out how true this is.

[0] Assuming he is looking to upgrade, not flatten and reinstall from

Avi Greenbury ;)

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