How does one set the java path in Open Office?

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On 01/06/2010 12:31 PM, Rafiq Hajat wrote:
> I'm going througn the options in my Open Office Word and have come
> across a blank Java section which gives the option of setting a path
> Java...where do I go from there?

Do you have java installed? If so, close OOo and from a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install

That will pull in the required OOo java components. You can also install
via Synaptic if you prefer.

Unfortunatly Ubuntu have elected to not include all of OOo in the
base/default installation. They've left out some of the most important
bits - java components that are necessary for running the mailmerge, OOo
Base, etc. The excuse has been that there is limited space on the
install CD's... yet they've managed to find room for their proprietary
applications & haven't even included the full OOo install on the DVD.

BTW: it's *Writer* not _Word_ :-)

That seems to have worked like a dream (but requiring another 80Mb
download - there goes my monthly quota!). I'll wait for the process to
complete before letting you know how it went.
I stand corrected on the erroneous usage of 'Word' instead of 'Writer' -
my apologies --- the MS conditioning runs deeper than we realise - this
was a classic slip of the tongue!

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