Making the most of this mailing list.

user1 bqz69 at
Wed Jan 6 22:01:01 UTC 2010

> I  have pan and use it for usenet, but  why use it for email?  I must be
> missing something, what do you get from it (for email) that thunderbird
> does not give?

Well, thunderbird is a newsreader, so why not use it for usenet as well 
as usenet is also a mailing list system consisting of newsgroups?

I have tried most other newsreaders for linux (a long time ago), and I 
just found pan to be the most easy one to use for me, but that probably 
is a matter of taste, and I am not a newsreader expert.

Maybe somebody else can give you a proper answer.

At least I am using kmail as my e-mail client, and it definitely is not 
very good for handling mailing lists I find   :-)

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