no soundcards found 9.10 upgrade on Dell studio xps

Ron Burns rrburns at
Wed Jan 6 21:17:24 UTC 2010

Barry Premeaux wrote:
> Have you tried reinstalling the 'linux-sound-base' package?  I'm
> showing ver 1.0.20+* installed.  I'm running 9.10 here as well.
> Barry

I checked this and reinstalled  it.  I saw this in the alsa-base 

For ALSA to work on a system with a given sound card,
there must be an ALSA driver for that card in the kernel.

At wits end here I was able to get thru to ubuntu (paid) support and 
they are aware of this problem and apparently the Dell XPS driver is not 
in the current kernel (a bug in the build). I was advised to wait until 
there is new kernel build and release and then do an update.

I want to thank you all for all the help.

Best Regards,

R. R. Burns
Physicist (Retired)
Oceanside, CA

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