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Pastor JW pastor_jw at
Wed Jan 6 18:39:31 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 06 January 2010 7:51:09 am Neil Aggarwal wrote:
> Alan:
> > It was discussed recently by the CC and we came to the conclusion that
> > we should look for interested people on this list to become moderators
> > who could help bring the list back to where it should be..
> Instead of moderating this list, I would prefer we have
> several member nominated to police the list.  If they find
> something that is not in the spirit of the list objective, they
> should notify the user (Either on or off the list) the discussion
> needs to stop.  If the user continues to post the irrelevant
> topics to the list, that user should be suspended or unsubscribed. 
> That seems like a solution we already have.  We just need to
> give control over the subscription info to several trusted
> parties.

The problem with police is it is always the criminal that causes one to think 
they need police but IF there is police enlisted it will be their OWN agenda 
which is enforced not the list's.  Those who will not follow the simple set 
out rules only proves that that person is not intelligent enough to self 
police so outside policing is needed.  Older societies would banish that 
disruptive unintelligent person from their midst and I guess if one has to 
bring in police, that is the least disruptive to the group action that can be 
taken.  I get a little tired of seeing the innocent suffer all the time 
because of the inconsiderate actions of others who will not abide by simple 
common sense rules.  For myself, I just set up filters which automatically  
toss top posters, HTML posters, off list posters, and rude posters messages 
directly to trash so I never see them unless of course I have to go to the 
archives.  Looking at them today only shows I have not missed a thing on this 
thread even though I have received a less less than half of the messages on 
this thread!  This thread does show there are some of us who really ought to 
feel ashamed of ourselves.  If we have to have police to make us behave in an 
adult manner then so be it.  

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