Community Council, please take action!

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Wed Jan 6 15:46:27 UTC 2010

> On 01/06/2010 09:38 AM, Karl F. Larsen parroted:
>>          Please, read the heading on this list. It says exactly:
>>    Ubuntu-users technical support, not for general discussions.
>>           This is a general discussion so it should not be
>> allowed on this list!
> It would appear that the doddering Karl has been replaced by an 
> auto-responder that robotically replies to every message with the above. 
> As such, it's perfectly appropriate to set him to be moderated, set to 
> NOMAIL, or just unsubscribed because his auto-responder is just 
> cluttering the list.

	Your cluttering up the list with your email as well. Yes I am 
75 years old but will not be dottering for a few more years.

73 Karl


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
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