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Wed Jan 6 14:21:49 UTC 2010

On Wed, January 6, 2010 15:02, Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 6:58 AM, Amedee Van Gasse (ub)
> <amedee-ubuntu at> wrote:
>> "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way"
>> by Eric Steven Raymond (ESR) and Rick Moen
> This link was brought up during the community roundtable at UDS back
> in November. It does have it's merit, but I'm actually not a huge fan.
> It tends to be pretty strict and the framing of saying how to ask
> *smart* questions makes the assumption that people who aren't asking
> them that way are asking *dumb* questions. This isn't really the case
> and we don't want people to be afraid to ask questions for fear they
> are "dumb" the goal here is to teach folks how to ask "Better"
> questions :)

Sure, ESR has his own "style"... a sort of "my way or the highway"
approach, and that isn't exactly aligned with the Ubuntu philiosophy. :-)

> There is a useful community-maintained document that boils down and
> gives examples to several what P Echols' original mail discusses:

Interesting. It's actually the same as ESR has written, but rewritten in a
more user friendly language.
Added to my bookmarks.


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