Assigning an IP address to a Network Drive

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Jan 6 03:56:07 UTC 2010

Jay Ridgley wrote:
> Folks,
> I have a newly acquired Western Digital 1TB My Book World Edition. What 
> I want to do is add it to my local network and use it for storage under 
> NFS. I use a small hub(6 port) in a wired network. I do not have a 
> router nor do I have any MS software installed and do not use Samba, 
> just Ubuntu.
> My question is how do I assign an IP address to the device without some 
> sort of identifier for the physical device?
> Assume the address would be, hostname koala (if needed).
> I have done some reading and understand the need for an /etc/fstab entry 
> and an /etc/exports entry but I still do not see what would set the IP 
> address to the device.
> Thanks,
> Jay

It would not,, you need to configure the device to have that IP address.
 I don't know anything in particular about this particular drive, but
generally, a network device will have a default IP address already
configured.  You can connect the device to a to a single computer, then
set the computer's IP address to something that will work with the
device default.  Then you have to access the device configuration, which
can be anything from telnet, to http (web browser, most common now) or
even *horror* proprietary software that is installed on the pc.  Once
there, you can re-configure the IP address of the device, then attach it
to your real network.

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