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Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at
Wed Jan 6 09:43:09 UTC 2010

Cyborg Alpha wrote:
> b. re-install your version of linux (from CD or DVD) eliminating the 
> dual boot to only run linux.


If you're having an issue with Linux step 2 should be to reinstall it?
One of the wonderful things about Linux is how easy it is to just fix
what's broken, without having to nuke it and start again.

> c. there is more than enough linux-ware to make it run similar to 
> windows including finding a MS network (and all systems under that
> network) 

This is not tech support, this is foisting your choice upon other
people. Some people do need to maintain a Windows install, others like
it for the safety net of something they can go back to.
Also, having a second OS to boot into is useful for deciding whether an
odd problem is hardware or software related, especially if the two OSs
are completely different (two Linuxen or even one Linux and one BSD are
likely to share a big chunk of code).

> d. if that solves the problem, then the problem exists with
> the windows dual boot. Which may not be a linux bug, but a MS hd
> locking technology issue.

How often does this happen? I don't recall ever having come across a
problem in Linux that was solved by the removal of Windows from a
partition Linux has no particular concern for. And I'm not sure what
you mean with 'MS hd locking technology' - I know there were stories of
Vista doing odd things to HDDs that made dual boot more complicated,
but I only know of problems that manifested at install time, not while
the system was working.

Avi Greenbury ;)

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