Community Council, please take action!

Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Tue Jan 5 15:24:14 UTC 2010


On 05/01/2010 16:16, chris wrote:
> I am fairly new to Ubuntu.
> I have been reading 88 new posts here and checking my T bird settings,
> it seems to be set to piss people off by default.
> So I am doing my best to set them according to the many complaints.
> Just a thought, why not set them right by default???
> Chris.

Maybe because the default target user of Ubuntu is one that is used to
having rich text e-mail clients... I can think of several such user
classes :

1) Enterprise users (in particular in the marketing space)
2) Home users (who are used to Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo which all provide
rich-text e-mail)
3) Former Windows Outlook (or Evolution) e-mail users who also have
rich-text e-mail

In fact, adding all these up, we probaby total more than 90% of the
computer user population. :)

(I just made the 90% number up, but I still think it's a fairly high
number, in particular given that Windows accounts for more than 90% of
the world's desktops today)


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