command stack in buffer

Michael Welle mwe012008 at
Tue Jan 5 12:12:03 UTC 2010


Colin Law <clanlaw at> writes:

> 2010/1/5 Michael Welle <mwe012008 at>:
>> Hi,
>> vijay shanker <vijay.shad at> writes:
>> [...]
>>>> Now that you raise the issue I am keen to try this solution from
>>>> add to bashrc
>>>> export HISTCONTROL=erasedups
>>>> export HISTCONTROL=1000
> That should be HISTSIZE=1000, someone mis-read from the link.
OK, haven't read the blog. If HISTCONTROL is set in the right manner it
should work. I guess the OP 1) hasn't restart the shell or 2) bashrc
isn't evaluated or HISTCONTROL is overriden or 3) he expects the history
file is magically changed or 4) he can't copy and paste ;).


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