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Tue Jan 5 12:08:22 UTC 2010


Michael Welle <mwe012008 at> writes:

> Hi,
> vijay shanker <vijay.shad at> writes:
>> @ andrew
>> Your suggestion does not seems to be working.
>> my configuration in ~/.bashrc file
>> # don't put duplicate lines in the history. See bash(1) for more options
>> # don't overwrite GNU Midnight Commander's setting of `ignorespace'.
>> # ... or force ignoredups and ignorespace
>> #export HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth
> the solution is for bash. Do you use bash or a different shell?  If you
> use bash the problem is that the list elements have to be separated by
> colons. Open a shell and invoke 'echo $HISCONTROL'. What is the result?
> Type 'export HISTCONTROL=ignoredups' in your shell, then invoke a few
> 'ls' and then 'history'. Does the list show only one ls or several? If
> that does what you want exchange the line in ~/.bashrc with 
Appendix: and keep in mind that AFAIK the histtory file isn't
changed. It is effectual only for future commands.


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