Community Council, please take action!

Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Tue Jan 5 07:53:49 UTC 2010


On 05/01/2010 08:45, Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> Here, I'll quote it for you so there will be no mistake:
>>> "Write your email underneath the email which you are replying to."
>> And, of course, we all know that it /should/ read, "Write your email
>> underneath the email to which you are replying," but who actually cares
>> about correctness any more?
>> I guess proofreaders are expensive.
> Of course! Those who still have grammar skills are an elite group and 
> all elites can command high prices.

And automatic grammar correction doesn't work well.

In the old days, when I used to work for Uniplex (anybody remember these
guys?)... we had a thesaurus that would give, when you asked for a
synonym of "woman" the word "dragon"... of course, that got a few
complaints. But we weren't the only ones... everybody was outsourcing
the dictionnaries to the same small set of companies. :)


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