purpose of list

Steve Reilly sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Tue Jan 5 00:34:22 UTC 2010

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:

> It looks as if the same thing has flown over the top of steve's head.
> too.  I could understand it in Giles' top posted HTML, but steve?
> Guys, Robert's post was /sarcasm/.  Find it, feel it, love it.
> Cybe R. Wizard

..err apologies, i guess thats what i get when jumping in without 
reading the whole thread.  went back a few posts and i get it now lol. 
  i didnt post in html too did i???  checked header and it said text 
plain but sometimes one squeaks by me when i try and forward a non list html
picture laden mail from "non list" people.

happy new year guys, been lurking here reading but been real busy with 
day job lately, not alot of time to do much else at the end of the day...


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