Score Files -- Not really a Ubuntu question

Mark C. Miller mr.mcmiller at
Mon Jan 4 22:18:00 UTC 2010

I've not been able to find a mail list to post this too, so am intruding 
on your goodwill to bail me once again.

I can't find a good reference that explains how scoring works.  I can 
find lot of stuff about how to set one up, but nothing that explains how 
to determine the score.

Based on some recent traffic on the list, I wanted to set my reader to 
ignore certain posters.  In doing so, I was asked to set their score. 

What is the scoring system being used?  Is +1 an ideal "high" or 
something like that.

If it makes a difference, I'm running Ubuntu 9.04.

Yes this is a general question, so thanks for entertaining it.


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