Code of Conduct (was Re: Ass hole (fwd))

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at
Sun Jan 3 15:44:31 UTC 2010

On Sun, 3 Jan 2010 09:10:46 +1000 (EST)
Res <res at> uttered these words:

> if rules are not in evidence upon initial registration, and unless I 
> explicitly agree, or are notified personally of a change that
> requires me to be bound by something, then there is no agreement,
> simple fact of contract law, applies anywhere and everywhere.

This is just not true where I live (even though it may be true where
you live).  

If there is a list of matters to wish you need to adhere in
a forum or mailing list (like this) and it is publicly available, you
are deemed to have read and accepted those matters if you subsequently
participate in such forums (fora?) or mailing lists.

In this case, one of the publicly accessible web pages where you can
read it is in which you will
find this stated:

"Mailing lists and web forums

Mailing lists and web forums are an important part of the Ubuntu
community platform. This code of conduct applies very much to your
behaviour in those forums too. Please follow these guidelines in
addition to the general code of conduct:

   1. Please use a valid email address to which direct responses can be
   2. Please avoid flamewars, trolling, personal attacks, and
   repetitive arguments. On technical matters, the Technical Review
   Board can make a final decision. On matters of community governance,
   the Community Council can make a final decision."

Where I live (the UK), you are expected to act like a reasonably
intelligent human being (unless it can be shown that you are not) and
as a result you are expected to find out what is expected of you
*before* you contribute to this mailing list (or any other).  So under
those circumstances, in this jurisdiction, it would not be a defence if
you were to be brought before the bench, that "it was not explicitly
stated to me".  You would be assumed to have accepted the code of
conduct when you made your first contribution, and were then bound by
it for all subsequent contributions.

So much for legality.  Now to personal opinion.  I find the title of
the posts distasteful unless made in a joking manner, but I have
deleted too much of this thread to know whether that was the case.  The
tone with which Res' comments came over in his last post is similar to
that of a person who is saying in effect: the C. o. C. does not apply
to me, and if it did I would not follow it anyway.

Well, I think this is a principle on which the Community Council should
make its voice known on behalf of all, and take such action as to
ensure that the C.o.C is upheld.
Graham Todd

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