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Years ago, I put together my own HEATH KIT Ham Radio receiver, and I spent
many, enjoyable hours of SWL (short wave listening.)

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You know that FCC regulations restrict the language we can use
on the public airway.   Let's use that same courtesy, here, on our
public internet. 

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On Sat, Jan 02, 2010 at 11:27:29AM -0700, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>     As a matter of fact I got my Extra Class Amateur Radio 
> License back when you had to find an FCC Office willing to 
> test you. I first passed the morse code test of receiving and 
> sending 20 words per minute, and then a written exam which was 
> easy since I hold an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering.

That explains it! It's been my observation over the years that EEs are a
simple people with a childlike faith and a natural sense of rhythm
(60Hz). I really have nothing against them. I just wouldn't want one to
marry my sister.

Oh, I expect I'll hear about this one.`

Bob Holtzman
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