What is your price on a low-cost LINIX printer?

Steve yorvik.ubunto at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 2 15:53:44 UTC 2010

On Sat, 02 Jan 2010 15:18:37 -0000, Justin Gruenberg  
<justin.gruenberg at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 9:00 AM, Chan Chung Hang Christopher
> <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk> wrote:
>> I pretty much suspect that all 'special high cost printers' support
>> postscript and therefore will work with anything Linux/UNIX. Printers
>> that you buy today in WalMart...if it don't say Linux on the
>> packaging...you might want to check.
> I think that if the hardware you buy doesn't explicitly support your
> operating system and version, a few simple google searches will avoid
> you a bunch of hassle later.  I do not think 'don't worry about it,
> anything you pick out will work' is good advice to be giving to linux
> newbies who don't have the troubleshooting experience for when things
> don't go as planned.
The problem is, some printers claim to be Linux compatible but, the the  
driver only offers a subset of the functions available.
I’ve found this with several printers.  The two recent ones I’ve dealt  
with recently are: a Ricoh that didn’t know about the second paper tray;  
and a Canon, the driver that comes on the standard Ubuntu install only  
allows colour printing at 300dpi, portrait.  When we got the driver from  
the Canon site to installed, after a lot of faff, we could then print at  
150dpi, monochrome, landscape and any other combination that the Windows  
driver could do.


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