Best Application to Backup / Restore Entire Ubuntu System ?

Jatin daveyjatin at
Sat Jan 2 10:39:35 UTC 2010

David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) wrote:
> Jatin wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Could anyone suggest the best application around in the open source 
>> world used for backup / restore of the entire ubuntu system. I know it 
>> can be done using command line options but i want an application that is 
>> best in the linux world that does backup / restore.
>> Thanks
>> Jatin
> I just downloading an application called Mondo, which makes an ISO 
> backup which you can burn to DVD and restore. There are some 
> applications like Back in Time and Keep which also backup. But if you 
> backup onto another harddrive on the same machine, what do you do if 
> your machine is stolen?
I basically want to backup my entire ubuntu system running on my 
personal home laptop onto a 1TB External Hardrive so that if the runing 
version fails i can easily restore it.


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