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Bill Moseley moseley at
Sat Feb 27 17:48:53 UTC 2010

I need to place images and text onto a page in a matrix (creating many
copies per page) and I need exact print positioning -- both width and height
and position on the printed page.  I need to print out a lot of copies and
physically place them on existing printed material, which is why I need to
control positioning and size carefully.

For simple tasks I've used OpenOffice with tables before, and I've also used
Gimp.  Gimp works ok for a single image since I can specify the exact print
size when printing.  But, it's harder for me if I have a matrix or multiple
copies of the image on a single page.  OpenOffice Writer can specify tables
but, it's really more of a writing program and I end up fighting with it as
it tries to reformat.

Seems I only need to do this kind of thing a few times a year -- and my kids
need something that's pretty easy for their school projects.  So, can't be
too much of a learning curve.

So, I'm wondering if there's other favorite tools for doing simple graphic
and text layout that you could recommend.


Bill Moseley
moseley at
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