Bizarre Transmission-induced network bug, driver crapping out maybe?

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at
Sat Feb 27 14:18:38 UTC 2010

On 27-02-10 11:22, Chris Neary wrote:
> I've had a crazy bug manifest itself for the last couple of versions
> of Ubuntu, and it's always drove me insane because it makes no sense.
> The facts:
> * My machine dual-boots Windows and Ubuntu.
> * Windows can download BitTorrent for hours, seeding until whenever
> (uTorrent, Vuze)
> * Ubuntu seems to download fine for a while, until which point all
> network connectivity is lost. (Transmission)
> By 'a while', it seems I mean only a few moments, since it happened
> again as I was writing this. I'd ony just re-started the machine and
> started Transmission again.
> Rebooting is the only way to get the network interface to be
> re-enabled, I've found. Not too sure about ifupdown commands, but
> maybe that would fix it too.
> The tell-tale signs that this has happened are there: All my torrents
> are displaying 'Remaining time unknown, idle', and if I ping
> (my local router), I get destination host unreachable.
> The router is alive, as is my cable modem (moot, as it's not the point
> of failure here).
> I've pondered the likelihood that Transmission is somehow overloading
> eth0 (wired), and is causing its driver to panic.
> Any thoughts?
> I really don't wish to boot in to Windows just to download BitTorrent.
> Games, yes. MS Office, perhaps. Trivial, everyday stuff? No!
> Motherboard is onboard, SIS190. This never happened with my Acer
> Aspire One via wireless, so I'm assuming its the driver/eth/board.

You are using different bittorrent clients in Windows and Linux, with 
probably very different settings.

I'm not familiar with either of those clients, but could you check if 
they have a setting for the maximum number of connection attempts per 
second? Set this to 100 or even lower. It's a common mistake to set this 
too high, and then your typical garden variety router will simply choke 
in a connection storm.

Read this forum topic for more info:

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