Linux TTS Voices

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sat Feb 27 05:41:26 UTC 2010

Speech-dispatcher provides access to a number of voice synthesis 
programs through a single API. It currently supports eSpeak, flite, 
TTSynth/IBMTTS/Voxin or whatever it's called, Festival and others. The 
output voice can be configured however the user likes and the calling 
application doesn't need to be aware of the configuration unless it 
changes the output voice from the default.

Spd-say is just the most simple and basic client for speech-dispatcher. 
It basically just speaks whatever is sent to it. I'm not sure about what 
the pipe mode does, but you can simply call spd-say with the text you 
want spoken and it will speak using the default voice settings. For 
something more complex, you can write your own standalone client or use 
the speech-dispatcher API directly from within your application.

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