Problems installing djbdns

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Fri Feb 26 05:50:19 UTC 2010

On Thursday, February 25, 2010 11:26 PM, Jan wrote:
> Christopher Chan wrote:
>> What version of Ubuntu are you using?
>> hardy and intrepid had problems with an out-dated package that only
>> understands inittab and not Upstart. That was supposed to have been
>> fixed in jaunty.
>> What did you exactly do to install djbdns?
> I'm using Jaunty.
> What I did exactly do to install djbdns ist written down in my 2nd post.

Oh sorry, I skimped over that one.

> $ initctl start svscan
> And that's the point where my box says:
> "initctl: Unknown job: svscan"

I thought you might have installed from source. You need to run 
dnscache-conf which will setup all the files necessary for an instance 
of dnscache.

According to your first post, you would need to do something like:

dnscache-conf someuser someuser /var/lib/svscan/dnscache [ an_ip ]

an_ip can be if it is solely for local use or the ip of the 
interface connected to the network that it will serve.

Why did you not installed the djbdns package available on Jaunty? 
Worried about who knows what patches they applied?

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