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Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Fri Feb 26 00:34:40 UTC 2010

> Two remarks:
> - I don't like the inflationary use of the word "firewall". In my point
> of view a firewall is a *concept* of how to separate two network
> segments in a way that only certain information can pass from one
> segment to the other. An actual implementation of this concept might, or
> might not, make use of a packet filter.
> Granted, if I had spoken of a "firewall" instead of a "packet filter"
> you'd have probably known immediately what I was asking for. Sorry for that.
> - I don't know if anything of what I wrote does sound snappy or even
> insulting to you. If it does, be assured that it isn't meant to be. I
> simply try to explain how I see things.


I remember one boss that I had who unplugged one box from a network and 
put it into another port to demonstrate a 'firewall'. Those ports were 
separated by vlans on the switch. Then there are nat gateways and 
bridging packet filters :-D.

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