Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Thu Feb 25 20:42:49 UTC 2010

Jan wrote:
> Jim Byrnes wrote:
>> 1) I found to edit a file in /var/www with jedit I must do gksudo jedit
>> and supply my password.
>> 2) The jedit session that opens does not have the same customizations
>> (for example downloaded plugins) that would show up if I opened jedit
>> from the Applications menu to work on a file in my Home folder.
>> 1) Is there a way to open jedit from the applications menu and have it
>> ask for my password so that I could edit any file?
>> 2)  Do I need to have 2 sets of settings for jedit?
>> If this is strictly a jedit issue, I apologize. I just don't know if
>> this is the normal behavior for using a app to modify files outside of
>> the home folder.
>> Regards,  Jim
> If I got you right, the "chown" command is the solution:
> Jan

OK, that worked, thank you.

I also see that if I open nautilus as root I can change owners.  Going 
one step further I gave myself the ownership of a folder in /var/www/. 
Then I gave myself folder:create and delete file access and then read 
and write file access.  At the bottom there is a button that says "Apply 
Permissions to Enclosed Files". I thought this would give me ownership 
permissions on all the files in the folder, but if I look at the 
permissions when not identified as root it still says that I am not an 
owner.  What have I done wrong?

Thanks,  Jim

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