Problems installing djbdns

Jan malepatus at
Thu Feb 25 15:29:10 UTC 2010

Hal Burgiss wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 2:42 PM, Jan <malepatus at> wrote:
>> Update:
> I don't see you edited inittab? This is what I have in /etc/:
> # cd /etc
> # grep -r svscan *
> event.d/svscan:# svscan - daemontools
> event.d/svscan:exec /command/svscanboot
> inittab:SV:123456:respawn:/command/svscanboot
> I don't remember well how you got to this, but djbdns is a PITA to
> install on Ubuntu. And it is different from every other system service
> you will ever use, which makes its operation confusing (to me). And
> maintenance ... how would you like to update this a year or two from
> now? That being said, it works fantastically if you get over these
> hurdles.
> If you are primarily doing this as for caching nameserver, simply
> installing bind will do that in a default config, with a simple
> 'apt-get'. I use both to one extent or another, but just for caching
> the bind installation is light years easier.

I didn't edit inittab, because it wasn't proposed to do in any tutorials 
I remember :(

When I try $ sudo grep -r svscan * in the /etc , I don't get a result :(


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