OpenOffice update problem

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Thu Feb 25 02:56:44 UTC 2010

Chris Luck wrote:
> Jim Byrnes wrote:
>> Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:
>>> Hallo Jim,
>>> On 24/02/2010 16:20, Jim Byrnes wrote:
>>>> Running Ubuntu 9.1 and the OO 3.1 that came with it. Update manager
>>>> just popped up with an update to OO.  It downloaded and started to
>>>> install then stopped with a message that OO was running and must be
>>>> shutdown to proceed. I didn't have OO running and looking at it's
>>>> options Quickstarter is not checked.  Looking at running processes
>>>> with the System Monitor I don't see any reference to OO or
>>>> Quickstarter.
>>>> It refuses to complete the update and says I have a broken package.
>>>> I used the Snynaptic Package Manager to fix the broken package but
>>>> still can't finish the update because it thinks OO is running. What
>>>> do I need to do to fix this?
>>> As the version of OO.o supplied with Ubuntu is the Novell fork, go.oo,
>>> it may be worth checking running processes for that variant. It's just
>>> a guess, but that's where I would start if I used that version.
>>> Personally I prefer the "vanilla" version from
>>> Peter HB
>> I found in System Monitor I was looking at "my processes". I changed that
>> to all processes and found, soffice and soffice.bin.  I
>> selected them and tried to kill them but they still seem to be running
>> according to system monitor and update manager says they are still
>> running and will not update OO.
> I hit the same problem earlier and found the same solution.  I forget which
> process I killed - soffice.bin, I think, I hadn't noticed
> It closed without any difficulty using the 'Send Signal>KILL' menu option.
> After that I restarted the install in Synaptic and it all went along fine.
> I did this in Kubuntu 9.10 where I prefer Synaptic to KPackageKit.
> If it still refuses to close I would suggest logout/in or even reboot if it
> isn't against your principles.

I see not send Signal>KILL option but I do have a kill option and have 
used it multiple times on all 3 OO files, but they are recreated in a 
matter of seconds, rebooting does not help.

Thanks,  Jim

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