Linux Forums unreachable.

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Wed Feb 24 14:42:23 UTC 2010

24.02.2010 15:04, Tom H:

>> While not exactly helping to find the culprit, it might nevertheless be
>> interesting to see if the problem is specific to port 80. I. e. if you
>> telnet to a different port (21, 53, 443, 8443 for example seem to be
>> open on will a connection be established?
> Great summary and suggestions - although I doubt that it has other
> ports open.

It has - I checked before posting that the above mentioned TCP ports are
indeed accepting connections on the server. And you confirm this for 443:

> It is not configured for https for example (it just has a
> RHEL default apache page at that port).

...which means that the site *is* configured for HTTPS. Whether or not
one is served the same content as via HTTP or something different (a
test page), is of no relevance here. My assertion is: one can establish
a TCP connection to port 443 on Which is true - at
least for you and me - otherwise we wouldn't see this test page (or
anything else, for that matter) in the browser.
What I'm interested in: while Ray can't establish a TCP connection to
port 80 on, can he connect to one of the other mentioned
ports or does that fail for him, too?

> I do get a response from "traceroute -T" from home, work, and a US
> server to which I can ssh to temporarily so the lack of response is
> definitely Ray's problem and not a general one.

Of course it's Ray's problem. Of all other people who posted to this
thread no-one else seems to be affected.


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