iso image too big for a CD

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at
Wed Feb 24 14:18:33 UTC 2010

On Wed, February 24, 2010 14:41, Douglas Neale wrote:
> Hi,
> I have downloaded the appropriate iso image of Ubuntu Studio for my
> computer(AMD64) and it is too big to burn to a CD.
> I have tried burning it to a DVD but after booting and starting the
> install it dies out with a screenful of commands which do not mean
> anything to me.
> There were no error messages that I could recognise as such, and  I did
> verify  the downloaded image against the listed checksum as per the site
> recommendation, and the burn was done with verification.
> I tried again with the standard i386 version and got exactly the same
> result.
> The standard Ubuntu 9.10 installed perfectly from the magazine DVD apart
> from  my sound card not working (hence the urge to try Studio).
> What do you think I am doing wrong!

I don't know!!

Lets try again, from the commandline. Copy&paste all output & mail it back
to the list.

md5sum file.iso
(replace file.iso with the exact filename)

cdrecord -scanbus
(to find out on which device you have your cd/dvd writer)

cdrecord -v speed=2 dev=0,4,0 file.iso
(replace the value of dev with the result of scanbus)

You can find loads of info on commandline cd burning on

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