Please Help With 2 Finger Scrolling in Ubuntu! (The mouse setttings don't work)

Dan B dansjunkmail7 at
Sun Feb 21 03:59:35 UTC 2010

Earlier I posted a question looking for how to scroll with 2 fingers and I
appreciate the quick responses. I forgot to say that going into System >
Preferences > Mouse and finding two finger scrolling doesn't work. I have
the box checked, and have messed with the settings countless times with no
change. I know that two finger scrolling (like how a macbook scrolls) works
on my computer in Windows 7 and the sticker on my computer says
"multi-gesture TouchPad" (I'm doing a Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot). I
will also put up some specs to my computer as well. Thanks again.

Gateway NV 78 - Windows 7 Home Premium- 4 g of DDR 3 Memory- 500 g hard
I've spent hours looking through different forums on how to enable 2 finger
scrolling without any luck. The most recent one I have tried is posted here

I couldn't understand what it was saying at the "final script" area If
someone could help guide me through this process of enabling 2 finger
scrolling it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.*
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