[Ubuntu-users] did I miss something? (installing Ubuntu along with Windows XP)

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Sun Feb 21 02:29:50 UTC 2010

Gryllida wrote:
> Windows XP now boots from disk C: . It is the only partition I have.
> Mu user's files and distributives of the apps I have installed are at
> another computer. I have to to shrink the partition to install Ubuntu
> and found these steps to do:
> 0) burn Ubuntu CD
> 1) empty recycle bin
> 2) defragment the hard disk in Windows XP Safe Mode (it'll be faster
> and will be able to move the files which would otherwise be in use by
> some apps in normal mode)
> 2.1) reboot Windows XP twice after the defragmentation for it to
> notice properly that the defragmentation occurred
> 3) insert the Ubuntu CD
> 4) start the installation and tell it to shrink the existing partition
> 5) ...
> Did I forget / miss / don't I know something? I mean, are these the
> right steps to do?

Backup any important data from your Windows system before you do the 
partition shrink.  I'm not aware of any particular problems, but by it's 
very nature, filesystem shrinking is a sensitive operation, and 
unexpected interruptions, including but not limited to the cat tripping 
on the power cord, can make recovery very difficult.

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