Alin-Andrei nilarimogard at
Sat Feb 20 22:07:24 UTC 2010

>> Use teh debs from OOo, you cant beat the true source built packages
>> I and msot people I know use them, there will of course be some here who
>> will insist you just stick with your repo version, abd stay in teh dark
>> ages :)

>The Ubuntu "Open Office" is Go-oo, not You can read
>more about Go-oo here:

>Go-oo is available in version 3.2, but there are only RPM files
>available, no DEB files. You could probably convert them with Alien.

>If anyone knows where to get Go-oo 2.3 DEB files, I'd like to know.

Converting the .rpms to .deb worked just fine for me:
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