Supeblock access from user space

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Fri Feb 19 18:38:15 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 13:29, MirJafar Ali <mirjafarali at> wrote:
> Hello Nils
> Thanks for a positive reply. I am not sure about how virtual machine works,
> but
> since we are not allowed to reboot the departmental machines, can I still
> use
> Xen/VMware to start Ubuntu. I am not sure, so please forgive me for my
> ignorance
> in this field.

if you use VMWare's desktop client or VMWare Player, you should not
need to reboot.  If you use VMWare ESXi, you will need to have a
system you can install on (ESXi is an OS w/ hypervisor).

If you use Xen, you will need to be able to reboot and run the Xen
kernel.  I'm not sure if you can just drop KVM in without a reboot.

I am also not sure about having to reboot or not using virtualbox or
any of the other virtualization tools out there.

Really, you're going to be in a bind if you can't get root access to
the machine, or get a machine that you can install/reboot on your own
for your project.


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