Hopeless cause

Steve Lamb grey at dmiyu.org
Fri Feb 19 15:42:21 UTC 2010

On 02/19/2010 05:59 AM, Amedee Van Gasse (ub) wrote:
> It was supposed to be a metaphore. Don't get on your horse, it's only
> software...

     Metaphore for what, exactly?  No, wait, let me rephrase, metaphore for
what which doesn't trip up on the most salient and software agnostic point I
made and you quoted.  (Niiiice trimming, BTW)

> On Fri, February 19, 2010 13:54, Steve Lamb wrote:
>> 4: That any of this is relevant to the question I asked.  I asked,
>> specifically, how one gets unsubscribed from a CC list.  I did not ask
>> how one filters unwanted CCs from a list.  There's a reason for this
>> not-so-subtle distinction.  Filtering happens AFTER THE MESSAGE HAS BEEN
>> rate limited line the two are not equivalent.

     I keep seeing people say "Oh, just CC the poster" in many different 
mailing lists.  Which, as stated, negates the whole point of having a mailing 
list.  CCing is not the answer and flippantly answering with the pithy "just 
filter it" tripe does nothing to address it.  The point is that filtering 
shouldn't enter into the equation as the CCs should not happen because people 
are subscribed to be bloody list to get the very messages in question!  If the 
sender doesn't expect reasonable delivery through the list then why do they 
expect reasonable delivery via a CC which uses the same freakin' mechanism! 
It's like people complaining about how much it smells and telling them to not 
breath.  Not useful.

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