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Fri Feb 19 14:38:16 UTC 2010

Hi Again

Hope been new here is not a crime?

It has been a long time since I worked with *nix and I had hoped to "come home"

But my install problems have grown since my first unanswered post (see bottom 
of this post)

Anyway I went back cleared my External USB drive (moving all data to a safer 
place for now) made two partitions one for the data to go back to (after 
ubuntu is installed) and one (unalocated) for ubuntu 470Gb and 20Gb

Ran the install again (6 times so far) every time it just stops at a random 
point (80%, 97%, 100% ??)

After every try I have to re-do the USB stick (live?) install because as the 
system just locks up I guess it gets fritzed

Is ubuntu really this much of a PITA to install? I thought the torture that M$ 
put me thru was bad but this is on another level, I have had no trouble with 
the Live? USB install runs a dream even got Wine running my TP Windozs Apps but 
making the move to using as main system is driving me up the wall

PLEASE help, or point me to somewhere that will (I did reg on the forum but 
still not got the conf e-mail)

--- First Post ---

Having had a few probs with installs going to the wrong place or been forced to 
duel boot (or not I been able to choose my USB HD partion) I turned OFF both 
IDE controlers in BIOS to protect my O so fragile WinXp and ran the "install to 
harddisk" option from the Flash drive choosing tto install to largest contig 
free space on the main USB disk, install failed at the create Ext4 partion and 

When I went back to BIOS to turn on the IDE controlers again they were both ON 
(yes I did save the settings first time or the USB stick could not have booted) 
in disk manager (XP-Pro) I had two new partions on my main drive (Swop and 
Ext4) both 240Gb insize any ideas on why / how or more important how to 
install to my External USB Hard drive WITHOUT the chance of effecting my main 
drives (short of pulling the dam cables) 

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