AWK experts - how would I code around this in awk...

Karl Auer kauer at
Fri Feb 19 14:35:33 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-02-19 at 13:35 +0000, Dave Howorth wrote:
> Here's another perl version:
> #!/usr/bin/perl
> use strict;
> use warnings;
> local $/ = '';
> my $text = <>;
> $text =~ s/\n//g;
> $text =~ s/(.{20})/$1\n/g;
> print $text;

Cool! But:
 - it reads the entire contents of stdin into memory
 - there may be problems with arbitrarily large variables
 - a partial last record will not be terminated with a newline
 - it doesn't handle blank lines

And the OP did specifically exclude such solutions from the game :-)

You can fix the blank lines by setting $/ to "undef" rather than an
empty string.

For the non-Perlers amongst us, Dave's program loads the entire input
into a variable in one hit, then removes all the newlines from the
variable, then inserts a newline after every 20th character in the
variable, then writes the variable out.

Regards, K.

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