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James Michael Fultz croooow at
Wed Feb 17 19:37:25 UTC 2010

* Harriet Grace <cappyclemson at> [2010-02-17 08:36 -0500]:
> Learning to use F-spot, I imported pictures from my computer folders to
> F-spot.  How can I clear these from the import roll?  Is that the
> remove-from-catalog command?  The default number of rolls is 10, I read....

I am unaware of an option if any to remove import rolls.  The Remove
from Catalog option removes images from F-Spot's database so that they
are no longer displayed in the application.


"If you don't need the Import Roll filter anymore, choose Find » Import Roll »
Clear roll filter to remove Import Roll from search criteria. You can also
click the close button (X) of the search bar to discard all the current search

As far as I know, the limit of 10 rolls rolls over as new ones are

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