Gnome text editor with Kate features

Emil Payne EHSPayne at
Wed Feb 17 18:23:50 UTC 2010

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> I like jEdit which has a miriad of plugins available including html
>> tidy, though I have not used this.  The project viewer plugin manages
>> a project in a folder with a browser view of the project in a pane if
>> that is what you are looking for.
> Thanks. I just took a look at Jedit and I think that the pack is
> right: it's about time that I made VIM my full-time editor. I'll work
> out the remaining issues that I have with VIM through google, no
> doubt. I'm not the first to have _any_ particular issue with that old
> beast!
> Thanks.

My two editors of choice are Gedit and VIM.  Although I hardly know any 
of the fancy commands in VIM... I just downloaded Jedit and will check 
it out later.

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