Getting a handle on Nautilus

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Feb 17 16:49:59 UTC 2010

I am really enjoying Nautilus (moved from Dolphin) but I have a few
remaining things that I simply cannot figure out how to do. If someone
could help, that would be great!

1) How to sort by Name, Date Modified, or Size with a keyboard
shortcut or icon. I know that I can dig in the menus, or I can do
multiple keyboard shortcuts (such as Alt-V,G,D or Alt-V,G,N) but I'd
like to make that a single shortcut for Name, a single shortcut for
Date, and a single shortcut for Size. Or at least have icons for
sorting by these in the toolbar.

2) Split screen? Does Nautilus not do this?

3) Some shortcuts seem to be doubly-assigned, such as Ctrl-F. Although
the context menu has F underlined for New Folder, it actually opens
the File menu. I don't see how to create a new folder with a keyboard
shortcut. How? And can I add an icon for New Folder on the toolbar?

4) There are three toolbars: menu toolbar, icon toolbar, addressbar.
Can I put the icons on the menu toolbar or on the addressbar, as
Firefox lets one do? Ideally, they would _all_ be on the same bar to
save vertical space (I do have Firefox configured like this).


Dotan Cohen

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