Gnome text editor with Kate features

Chris Jones jonesc at
Wed Feb 17 15:45:50 UTC 2010


Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Can someone please recommend a Gnome text editor with a built in file
> browser for browsing remote servers' file systems and tools such as
> TidHTML built in? Gedit has neither of these features. I use VIM
> occasionally, but it lacks the file browser and has some other quirks.

If you mount the remote file system using say sshfs, then *any* editor 
can be used, even vim I presume (never tried, stay as far away from vim 
as possible myself, but works great with emacs). This is my preferred 
way to handle this case.

Then you just need to look for an editor with TidHTML support (I'm 
guessing you mean TidyHTML here ??)


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