Lost Sound with Upgrade to 9.10

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>> Greetings all,
>> Has anyone else had problems with sound (meaning NO sound) after upgrading from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10?  I thought maybe I had a
>> sound card problem but I have installed other distros (this is on a non-production machine) on this computer and have no problem
>> with sound whatsoever so it seems to be a 9.10 problem.
>> If anyone knows of a fix, I'd love to hear about it.
>What sound card?  I have UNR 9.10 and Crunchbang 9.10 (based on Ubuntu
>9.10) running on a Lenovo S-10 with no problems at all w/ sound.  I
>also 9.10 running on an admittedly 10 year old desktop with a
>SoundBlaster Live card and also no problems with sound.
>Maybe your upgrade had a problem??

It is a Creative Labs SB Audigy.  It worked fine with other Distros and it also worked with Ubuntu 9.04.  Also, this is at least the second time I have installed 9.10 on this machine and each of the two times I used different sources for the install, one was downloaded and burned to disk here, the other came with Linux Format magazine and I get the same result with both (no sound with 9.10)...


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