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Brian McKee brian.mckee at
Tue Feb 16 22:52:12 UTC 2010

you could consider ies4linux for just that page. epiphany or opera
might work too.

On 2/16/10, dofinch-smokie at <dofinch-smokie at> wrote:
> Here's an oddball. I'd really appreciate some help.
> My network uses a wireless router which works fine in
> almost all respects. It's managed using a web-browser and
> here there IS a problem.
> The firmware sends html pages to the browser and uses
> Javascript. Unfortunately there is a bug in the firmware
> which causes the device to send html which tries to define a
> Javascript function without a name! Here is the code snippet:
> function (F)
> {
>     if (F.wl_passphrase.value == "")
>     {
>         alert("Please enter a Passphase!");
>         F.wl_passphrase.focus();
>         return false;
>     }
>         F.submit();
> }
> I am running Firefox 3.6.2pre under Ubuntu 9.10. When the
> browser encounters this declaration it writes a syntax error
> in the Error Console and seems to stop doing Javascript.
> Anyway the page only partially loads. Exactly the same
> behavior occurs with the previous version (3.5) that I was
> running.
> If I copy the page source to disk and delete the above
> snippet, the page loads properly into Firefox.
> Now here's the HARD part. IE7 carries on executing
> Javascript after encountering this syntax error.
> There is NO firmware upgrade available to me for this
> router! Aaaaaaggggghhhhh! So I'm having to boot up an
> ancient Windoze to manage my router!! So here's where I
> would be grateful for lots of help!!
> 1) Advice on any switches/settings that can be used to get
> Firefox to ape the above Internet Explorer behaviour.
> 2) Advice on a proxy which can be run in Ubuntu 9.10 and
> which is configurable to the extent that I could set it up
> to delete the above code as it passes on to the browser.
> Thanks a LOT in advance.
> Geoff
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