Cannot start Mysql for Akonadi

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Feb 16 12:50:05 UTC 2010

> Without knowing too much about this akonadi system, when I do an apt-cache
> search on akonadi, and check to see what I have installed, I have installed:
> libakonadiprivate1
> akonadi-server
> mysql-server-core-5.1
> You probably have the mysql-server-core-5.1 installed already.  I would check
> on the other two though.

Yes, they are both installed.

> I am not a big fan of this system. I would like to
> sync a number of google calendars with the one in Kontact, but it assumes your
> email at goog;e is If you host a mail domain with google it is
> useless. I just hope it gets better.

Send to me a new email (not a reply) will all the details, I will
triage and file the necessary bugs and feature requests. Be sure to
mention exactly what behaviour or options you would like to see
changed or added. Thanks.

Dotan Cohen

Please CC me if you want to be sure that I read your message. I do not
read all list mail.

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